Focus: Black America

In March 1969, Indiana University Kokomo hosted Focus: Black America, a week of programs and events "designed to give all who attend a better insight into some of the cultural background of the black American."

Frank Talk, Criticism of America Highlight of 'Focus' Panel

Kokomo Tribune, March 1969

With free admission for all events, campus and community members had the opportunity to hear from activists, scholars, and performers. 

Local press coverage highlighted the musical performances in Havens Auditorium, including well-attended concerts by the Billy Foster Trio and the Dave Baker Quintet. 

Mrs. Kenneth Fowler, secretary of the local chapter of the NAACP, encouraged black members of the Kokomo community to get involved:

"We must get ourselves together...There's nothing wrong with block voting, or constructive programs, or doing our own thing so long as it is constructive. We can build pride in the black community by taking a part in the city government; by letting it be known we are first class citizens although we are treated as second class citizens."

Special issue of The Kokomo Tribune, published on March 15, 1969, to promote the programs and events