Student Leaders

First members of the Black Student Union

Founding members of the Black Student Union, left to right: Celia Collier, Roxsandra Clemons, Vicky Jackson, Frank Bellamy, and Albert Ware (standing)." Printed in March 8, 1971, edition of The Student Voice.

Black students at IU Kokomo have had a major impact on our campus, from advocating for our first black studies courses, to fundraising for scholarships for black students, to serving as officers in student government.

Black Student Union: Organization on the Move

The Student Voice, March 23, 1971

As announced in The Student Voice, students organized the Black Student Union "to provide a means of identification and organization so that the voice of the black student will be heard on this campus."

As described by Frank Bellamy, Jr., in an oral history recorded in 1994, the early activities of the Black Student Union included traveling to other campuses and connecting with their Black Student Unions to understand what issues were facing black college students more broadly, as well as to just have some fun and feel a sense of belonging on campus. The student group organized and sponsored a wide range of campus events, including talent shows, dances, and pageants to fundraise for scholarships for black students.

"Weekend in Blackness"

Article promoting "Weekend in Blackness" events sponsored by the Black Student Union

Bob Hayes and other look at program for Miss Black Kokomo Pageant '72

Two students, including Robert Hayes, look at program for Miss Black Kokomo Pageant, 1972.

In the years since the founding of the Black Student Union, black students have continued to lead on campus, whether in the BSU, student government, or other student organizations. Below are just a few notable student leaders who have shaped our campus.