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Appendix to May 22, 1968, meeting minutes of the IU Kokomo Faculty Governance detailing the charges filed by Lance Jeffers and forwarded to Victor Bogle by Dr. Orlando Taylor

Poetry printed in the July 17, 1995, issue of The IUK Correspondent

Article by Judi Lawson published in The IUK Correspondent summarizing impact of time spent with Nikki Giovanni, visiting scholar

News article from Kokomo Tribune announcing cast and crew of "Hello Out There"

Meeting minutes describing the formation and early discussion of the Dean's Committee on Human Rights

Notable topic includes "the issue of the faculty's making a resolution concerning Dean Victor Bogle, in view of the charges with the University's Committee on Discriminatory Practices by Mr. Lance Jeffers"

Remarks given to the IU Kokomo Faculty Convocation

Speech on issues of racism and segregation, including many personal anecdotes of experiences in Kokomo

Memo sent to all faculty and staff by Victor Bogle describing and encouraging participation in initiative to sign pledge cards in response to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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