Celebrating Black Voices on Campus

Nikki Giovanni speaks to students in the courtyard of the Main Building

Nikki Giovanni, 1995

Whether as visiting scholars, keynote speakers, or campus guests, the IU Kokomo community has brought important black voices to campus. The impact of their presence and voices can be felt in the articles written for the student newspaper and the ongoing conversations that they left in their wake. 

Martin Luther King III to appear at Havens
Gwendolyn Brooks speaks with students

Gwendolyn Brooks with students, 1993

In March of 1993, Indiana University Kokomo, along with Ivy Tech and Kokomo Center Schools, hosted Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks. Speaking with an audience of high school and college students, she lamented that the Kokomo High School curriculum didn't include the works of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker. 

Brooks charms Kokomo audiences

The IUK Correspondent, 1993

Nikki Giovanni book signing at Enhancing Minority Attainment Conference IV

Nikki Giovanni book signing, 1994

IU Kokomo students in the 1990s were fortunate to have the opportunity to take classes in poetry, literature, and creative writing from Nikki Giovanni, renowned poet of the Black Arts Movement. Select poems written by IU Kokomo students in her classes were later published in an issue of The IUK Correspondent

Wordsmiths emerge from Nikki Giovanni's class

The IUK Correspondent, 1995